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Racing towards a sun

Racing towards a sun that’s just ducked below the ever shifting horizon of our driver’s seat view.

The ever-shifting horizon: us truck drivers like it that way. If the horizon remains stationary for too long, we might get itchy, we don’t make money. We don’t do what we like to be doing: moving freight, keeping the world supplied with all we need.

But, we can drive for all we want; the earth rolls around its axis faster than we can ever possibly beat. We’re not keeping up with that sun with our diesel powered long-haul machines. Best just wait for sunrise and continue at our own rhythm and speed.

On the home stretch

In the meantime, we’re on the home stretch, headed for the home base in Saint Stephen, NB, with an empty trailer after a delivery in Saint John. Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan were among the jurisdictions crossed and visited this tour, before returning to New Brunswick.

And back here, on route 1 heading west, while losing the speed battle with the sun, I could keep up with that guy in the distance. As a matter of fact, I passed him. He was heavy, losing some momentum up the next hill. Nova Scotia based company, hauling a container, with the guy behind the wheel giving me this totally cool driver’s wave as I came side to side with him: hand upright, two fingers up, then pointing them forward, at the road ahead: Godspeed, driver.

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