The work place, a closer look

This is the current work place - depicted in this photo from just this single angle. But of course there are many more interesting angles from which you can see it.

The current workplace: the driver seat of a 2016 Volvo VNL 670.

It seems quite straightforward. You drive a truck, this is where it happens. But let's take a closer look. Because there is lots more to see.

For one, this work place is a room with a view. Or views, because when you're on the road, no day, no minute, no moment is ever the same in terms of what you see through that windshield. Secondly, for most of us, certainly for me, it is a dream come true to have this as a work place.

Furthermore, you can see it is a well-designed cockpit: functional and aesthetically pleasing in its design. I like this Volvo; it is a good and reliable truck and its driver seat environment reflects that.

Not to mention, it is through this workplace - the driver seat of a truck - that I could come to Canada and make my move from Holland work out.

Overcoming the odds

The driver seat does something else as well: it gives one control over a complex, large and heavy vehicle, which is forever a gratifying experience.

And it has this strong sense of overcoming the odds about it too. Long distances over endless roads under all conditions: hot, windy, wet, pleasant, cold, extremely cold, slippery, foggy, dark, sunny, etc. And all of it in comfort. That is really dramatic and also very cool.

Many hours

Subsequently, it is also the place where many hours are spent. Sitting, driving, steering, accelerating, coasting, braking, shifting, down shifting, anticipating, moving lanes, cornering, backing, maneuvering, enjoying, watching, listening, bouncing, swaying, leaning back, crouching forward, checking the mirrors, looking way ahead and looking closer, checking all the gauges and staying focused and concentrated for hours on end...

It's a tough place. Truck driving wears you out. You're truly tired at the end of a long day's worth of sitting on that seat behind that wheel - even though you haven't physically done much.

Physical exercise

Which is exactly where the contradiction starts. Because the lack of physical exercise definitely plays its part. The more physical exercise one can get, paradoxically away from this great work place, even it is just a half-hour daily walk, the better this work place actually feels. And the easier those long hours and hundreds of miles seem to pass and the better the landscapes and cityscapes seem to look.

So I guess if you get all your angles lined up, including those away from the driver seat and on a walking trail, you can make it work and make it last for a long time - thank goodness, because do I love this work place...

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