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Respect, Integrity, Lifestyle

Our Beginning

Started in 2013 as a mere social media group, with focus to provide a platform for drivers, their families, friends and supporters to come together and interact, learn, give advice, exchange resources and more.

Today, our Facebook media platform is called: Maritime Ride and Pride - The Network, click the Facebook icon!

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2016 has seen the birth of our very first annual working-truck show & shine, which  we have committed to supporting the Amherst NS branch of the Special Olympics.

Who we are

Since our initial appearance on Facebook, we have reached membership of well over 3500 members, and growing strong everyday. Due to the diverse ideologies and beliefs of members, we've opted to create a secondary network; and we also have resources with other facebook groups.


We include not only drivers and friends, but also other industry-related people such as department of transport employees, diesel technicians, emergency services personnel, and various other related services that on occasion will weigh in with pertinent information on various topics.

Also since our beginnings, we have been involved with different fundraisers to help trucking  individuals, as well as community groups.

Our Objectives

As we grow, it is our mission to promote the new-age "Brotherhood", to help guide  our future replacements with the fast-evolving changes in the industry.

It is also our goal not only to help each other as brothers and sisters, but also to give back to the communities.

There's an old saying that goes: Without trucks, we'd be cold, hungry, and naked. But then again, without you, we'd be jobless.

So we need you, as much as you need us.

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