From The Driver's Toolbox

As we all know, breakdowns usually catch us at the most unfortune time: Out on the road. Service calls are not only costly in the wallet, but in the logbook/elog. Many times we can make do, SAFELY, to "bring 'er home".  Let's share some of our experiences, tricks, and knowledge on some common issues. Please note: We do not represent professional technical advice, merely our own tricks from professional experiences. PLEASE do not attempt anything not comfortable with, or that will endanger yourself and others. 

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Boiling battery :smell of rotten eggs

The first indication of a "boiling battery" is the distinct smell of "rotten eggs". Usually not an immediate danger, but at your earliest safe spot, park your truck, turn key off. Prefferably wear a face shield or at least safety glasses, gloves. Carefuly remove box cover, visualize the apparent battery with wet top, possibly swollen. Touch battery sides, normally only one will be hot to touch. Locate the ground, carefully disconnect that terminal. Note, in the event that connection is the lead going towards the frame, you will need to reconnect it to the circuit via another ground terminal. Your truck will work fine on 3 batteries, or even two in most cases.