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It's not what we do, it's who we are

Whether it's individual or community fundraising, truck drivers have proven in the past  to give much of themselves to help people in need, whether it's one of their own, or total strangers.

Sudden situations

Sometimes a driver will find him or herself in a situation well beyond their control.  Or sometimes it's simply a chain of unpredictable events at a most inconvenient time. We sometimes find ourselves needing to lean on each other. And as in most any family, truck drivers are known to help each other out.

The Highway To Heaven

Life assures us one thing, that as many beginnings, it has as many ends. Many friends are made in a lifetime out there on the highways and byways. Many become "family". And when the time has come for the long lonesome trip to the promised land, we come together as family, in honor and respect.

Comunnity Events

There are many different community events that truck drivers are more than pleased to help with, from various convoys for awareness, to truck shows that benefit community groups; rest assured that when the troops rally together, it's an all out effort!

Making Connections

Through our social media platform one day, a member makes a post, asking if anyone knew of a certain fella driving for such a company x many years ago. He was looking for his biological father. Another group member replies: Well yes, and proceeds to state some info.  Within merely minutes, the connection was made, via a total stranger!  Three days later, the inquiring member was having a coffee with his biological father, also a truck driver.  They caught up after 30 years...  It was a proud moment for all involved..

Brother of the Highway, Son of the Wind

A few years back we've been noticing a young man taking photos by a local exit. As time went on, the chatter picked up in the group, inquiring on the story of this young man. Son of a trucking family, medical issues preventing him to get behind the wheel, Stephane Landry has found a spot in most driver's hearts.  Many hats, gifts, and trucking memorabilia have been collected for Stephane.

We've been involved with helping Stephane share the fruit of his passion with our social media group, and just recently, we've helped Stephane get setup with his very own Facebook Page.

Click here to visit his page


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"Brotherhood" revisited

Often we hear the term "Brotherhood" or "Brothers". Make no mistake, it merely relates to the "family makeup" of drivers.  MANY ladies fill the "boots" of this old male dominated industry, and in many cases, much more gracefully than their male counterparts!

From the single lady, to the wife or single mother needing to provide for family, Lady drivers are a great percentage of our "Brotherhood".

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photo credit:  David Benjatschek @ Wowtrucks


Another good story of the positives we and our great drivers do for the community at large...

Recently, a post was submitted by one of our members, a friend was looking for a safe ride for a friend's daughter, to get her out of a very violent situation, which was also recommended by the local police.

One of our members who wishes to stay anonymous, after learning of the whole situation, offered to get involved in this "railroad mission", a term used in the crisis intervention world.

The driver in question, as well as a few other acquaintances within his circle, arranged for pick-up of the distressed individual, looked after her well-being, and transported her a few provinces away to a pre-determined location where she would be safe, near family and friends.

"I have a young daughter the same age" the driver said, "I'd be forever grateful if somebody stepped up if ever she got in a similar situation".

After following-up, we've heard the young lady is doing fine, and is being followed by professional services in regards to the situation.

As our motto says, ** It's not what we do, it's who we are **.

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