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Born from an original idea, the Maritime Ride And Pride Drivers Association, MRPDA for short, was born in early 2022. Formed by all industry-related volunteers, the MRPDA is a registered non-profit organization with sole intent to aid trucking families in times of need.
Here's a few facts/ info and links taken from their public page:

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Maritime Ride And Pride Drivers Association

Who We Are

We are a strictly volunteer group of individuals with a common goal of taking care of drivers, their families and communities when unforeseen circumstances occur. The majority of our board members and directors are truck drivers with over one hundred years of combined experience. Our president has over fifteen years experience in the administration and operations of transportation. 

What We Do

Our objective is to offer confidential assistance to Atlantic Canadian drivers who may find themselves in a difficult situation that is not self inflicted.  This may include, but not limited to transportation if stranded by employer or travel arrangements for a sick child. In order to be able to provide support we raise funds through membership sales, fundraising events and online 50/50 draws.

What We Don't Do

We are not affiliated nor do we support any political parties or movements. We do not lobby government on behalf of truck drivers. We do not express our personal views concerning such matters when conducting Association business. We do not involve ourselves in protests nor do we fund them in any manner. We do not share any information we may collect.

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