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Angel Diner's Chicken Light Cruize

2020  The innaugural year

Initiated by, this event is a gift to Crystal Blair of Angel's Diner on behalf of drivers near and far whom benifited of Crystal's endless devotion to make hot food and clean showers available for "her drivers".

During the unprecedented pandemic of 2020, being forced to send her staff home and close her establishment to the public, as well as other truck stops, Crystal couldn't bare the thought of "her drivers" going without a hot meal and shower.

Crystal, not only did she man the "take-out only" diner by herself, but she graciously did so for FREE......

Soon after, area people and businesses got behind Crystal in the form of various donations.

A few local drivers got together and came up with this cruize idea, which monies raised will be forwarded to the organizing committee looking after the families affected by the shooting tragedy of 2020.

Crystal herself had close ties with the tragedy, as did some trucking families.

So what better gift can we give Crystal, and the people of Cumberland/Colchester.


2021 was another great year in our books, another great sunny day with friends of the road. Crystal again surprised us with a good feed.  A few trucks stayed overnight.


2022 was a great little turnout. Not high in numbers in comparison to previous years, but all the same we were able to contribute a significant amount to this year's Crystal's choice benefactor. 

Also, we were able to try out a new route, one that we think will be the model route moving forward.

Not to forget, 2022 was also a trying year for Crystal and her staff, with the announcing the diner's permanent closure due to health issues.  Many tearful moments were shared between Crystal and drivers.


BUT, fast forward a few months, and in true Angel fashion, Crystal is back up on her feet, with a brand new venture: Angel's Diner on the Corner, a great cozy little restaurant, licensed, and musical theater, located in cozy little village of Great Village, NS.

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