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Affiliations & Sponsorships

Being maritime-based, we like to promote maritime trucking businesses & service providers, although we do welcome interested parties from coast-to-coast, and even abroad.

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Contact us for various sponsorship opportunities, or advertising.
Partial & Sole sponsorship is available.
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George Hachey Artwork

 Since 2015, George Hachey Artwork have affiliated themselves with Maritime Ride & Pride to offer truck owners and drivers, as well as carriers, some of their Unique GH Artwork. Working from photos you provide, Free previews are made digitally, with any added graphics if so desired.  Once purchased, your photo is then transferred onto authentic pre-sanded wood plaques, and laminated with long-lasting finish.


George Has been a great helping hand with some of our graphics and editing.

You can visit :

Click on Photo to view other Happy GH Artwork Clients

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